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What if your brain can do more? With our ​S class​ brain boosting formula you can! Introducing… ​Zone-In Stage 1. 

Stage 1​ gives your mind what it needs the most to optimize performance throughout the day.

ACETYL-L-Carnitine HCL​ also known as ALCAR is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine, a supplement often used to support athletic performance because of its ability to break down fatty acids and produce energy. Researched benefits include: improved working memory, long-term memory formation, and memory recall.

L-Theanine​ is derived from Camellia Sinensis or “the tea plant”. L-Theanine may encourage the release of several neurotransmitters which increase your brain’s alpha waves, resulting in increased mental alertness, improved focus, clarity, and creative thinking.

Citicoline​ was originally developed in Japan and introduced to Europe where research benefits include: healthy liver function, nerve function, and muscle movement, as well as supporting energy levels and maintaining a healthy metabolism

But that's not all, Zone-In Stage 1 works great by itself but stacked together with Zone-In Stage 2 it becomes an unbeatable 1-2 punch combo that gives you a clean focus with increased mental and physical stamina.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL Powder

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, also known as ALCAR, is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine, a supplement often used to support athletic performance. Carnitine molecules are generally used in the body in the process of transporting fatty acids to your cells mitochondria. From there, the fatty acids are broken down to produce energy, hence why athletes include Carnitine into their diets. As a nootropic supplement, Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL powder offers a variety of potential uses and benefits.

How Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL Powder Works

L-Carnitine is a compound that is produced naturally in the body. The compound is then transported to the heart, brain, and other tissues. L-Carnitine can also be obtained from certain food sources, primarily protein like lean cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and some seafood.

L-Carnitine can also be found in dairy products, like cheese and ice cream.

However, when taken as a supplement in its plain form, L-Carnitine has low oral bioavailability, meaning the body has trouble absorbing much of the compound that you take. The acetylated form allows for much easier absorption.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL Uses and Benefits

L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine share similar structures, but their effects differ. L-Carnitine is primarily used as a supplement for supporting physical energy while Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL benefits are much wider and varied.

ALCAR is used to potentially boost the metabolic energy of your brain cells, which may support your cognitive processes. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine may also support mental energy, concentration, and focus. Some people taking this supplement also report experiencing clearer thoughts and greater alertness and perceptual awareness.

ALCAR breaks down and can form with choline to form acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.

Studies suggest that this increased cholinergic activity in the brain may lead to a variety of cognitive benefits, including:

  •  Improved capacity for working memory
  •  Improved reasoning abilities
  •  Improved long-term memory formation
  •  Improved memory recall
  •  Increased learning abilities and fluid intelligence

What is Citicoline?

Citicoline, a popular nootropic supplement that is also known as CDP choline (cytidine diphosphate choline), is an organic molecule produced endogenously and is found in all living cells. The two major components of Citicoline are Choline and Cytidine (Cytidine is converted to Uridine in the body). CDP choline is a precursor for the synthesis of important phospholipids. These phospholipids are essential to cell membranes including phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, and phosphatidyl-ethanolamine. Phospholipids must be continuously synthesized for adequate function of cells due to their high turnover rate.

What is Cognizin?

Cognizin is a patented, clinically trialed form of Citicoline. Citicoline is found in every cell of the body and especially vital to our brain health and cognitive function. Unlike artificial stimulants that ramp up energy and attention levels only to have those levels come crashing down later, a Cognizin Citicoline supplement provides nutritional support that benefits:

  • our mental processes*
  • enhances our focus and concentration*
  • supports healthy brain metabolism*

Cognizin Citicoline provides the nutrients needed to support cognition, attention, and focus.*

Citicoline Benefits and Uses

Citicoline benefits and uses may include:

  • Support cognitive function
  • Promote focus and mental energy
  • Support healthy stress levels
  • Promote faster recall speed
  • Support memory formation
  • Promote learning capacity 

How Does Cognizin Citicoline Powder Promote Cognitive Function?

  • Cognizin citicoline promotes electrical impulses in the brain, supports our healthy brain cells and protects neurons from free radical damage.*
  • Cognizin citicoline promotes cognitive function by regulating the healthy level of acetylcholine*
  • Cognizin citicoline promotes healthy mitochondrial function*
  • Cognizin citicoline supports the synthesis and maintenance of cell membranes.*

Cognizin and Phospholipids

Cognizin Citicoline supports vital nutrients required to support your body's regeneration of Phospholipids. This is important because:

  • Phospholipids make up 30% of our brain tissue
  • Phospholipids provide essential protection for neurons
  • Phospholipids support neural communication

Cognizin Citicoline Research and Clinical Studies

Cognizin has been studied in a variety of human clinical trials. The most recent human clinical trial focused on the benefits of Cognizin on healthy, middle-aged men and women. Conducted at the Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital, researchers found increases in brain activity among participants that had taken a Cognizin supplement for six weeks. Of particular note, differences were noticeable in those participants that performed tasks that required sustained attention. Clinical trials have also found that Cognizin Citicoline supports healthy mitochondrial function. These powerhouses within our cells are what actually produce the brain’s energy.* Healthy mitochondrial function results in higher levels of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)— our bodies primary energy storage molecule—in brain cells. 

Citicoline as a Natural Nootropic Supplement

Citicoline is commonly paired with dietary supplements or nootropic compounds in various nootropic stacks.

Why Choose Cognizin as Your Preferred Choline Supplement?

Clinically tested for its efficacy, Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline that supplies your brain with the energy it needs to stay sharp.* Cognizin Citicoline is also:

  • pure
  • vegetarian
  • allergen-free
  • GRAS (generally recognized as safe)
  • stable and effective

L-Theanine Powder

L-Theanine is considered a non-dietary amino acid, but it can still provide a wide range of potential benefits when supplemented. Read ahead to learn more about this nootropic and how you may use it to enhance cognition.

What Is L-Theanine Powder?

L-Theanine Powder is derived from Camellia Sinensis--the tea plant. Black, green, and white teas all come from the Camellia Sinensis plant and also provide the compound. L-Theanine is an amino acid, but it isn’t an essential amino acid or one of the more common nonessential amino acids that you might be more familiar with.

Although tea has been consumed for centuries and touted for its benefits for just as long, it was only in 1949 that L-Theanine was discovered as a constituent in green tea. L-Theanine has been used in various food and drinks items in Japan since the 1960s. Perhaps surprisingly, L-Theanine can provide an umami (savory) flavor.

 L-Theanine Benefits

L-Theanine has been shown to potentiate GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, a naturally occurring amino acid.

L-Theanine may also encourage the release of several other neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters can have a wide range of effects on cognitive processes, tapping into feelings of reward, pleasure, and motivation. Theanine may also promote more restful sleep cycles. Furthermore, L-Theanine may increase your brain’s alpha waves, resulting in increased mental alertness and improved focus and clarity. This may lead to greater productivity aimed at increasing motivation. Some studies have even found that increasing alpha brain waves may encourage creative thinking.

Why Buy L-Theanine Powder?

L-Theanine is a naturally derived supplement that has been given GRAS status by the United States FDA, meaning that the compound is generally recognized as safe.

We're so confident that S-Ranx Supplements will help give your brain the boost it needs, that we'll give your hard-earned money back if you're not thrilled with your purchase.


5.0 out of 5 stars Brain Boosting is right!

I've been trying and testing different nootropic products for years and after trying this one I can honestly say this is a great quality blend! Before I take a new nootropic I make sure my body and mind is ready. I cleanse with tummeric, hot water with lemon and diatomaceous earth the night before I try a new nootropic. My results for Clear Mind have been stellar! Within the first 20 min of taking the supplement I felt calm, focused, and ready to take on my tasks for the day.

Jandy Q. Marketer at LocalEminence.com, Amazon Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars I'm not sure what I was expecting!

The effect feels somewhat similar to caffeine. it leaves you feeling more focused, aware, and filled with more energy, and thankfully without the other side effects that large doses of caffeine often comes with, like jitteriness and headaches. Anyone who needs a little extra pep in their step would benefit from this.

Alex "Sethlon" Maguire Project M and Melee eSports Legend, Twitch Streamer

5.0 out of 5 stars Focused, not jittery

Trying out S-Ranx I was under the assumption that it would be just another caffeine pill, however I was assured that this was not the case, S-Ranx gives you the focus and clarity that Caffeine gives you. I often struggle with daytime insomnia and drink coffee frequently. I decided to take it right after my coffee most days and found that it gave me a much better sense of clarity during my daily routine.

Forrest "Forestfire" Fox, Washington Project M player Ranked # 7