Our Story

Who are the S-Ranx?

We’re a new start-up supplement company based in San Diego California. We are focused on bettering people’s minds through the use of nootropic supplements and social interactions.

Nootropics, also known as brain boosters, smart drugs, cognitive enhancers, etc, are relatively new to the public eye but have begun gaining main-stream attention.

The supplements that constitute as a ‘nootropic’ can widely vary but they must always:

  1. Improve memory and the brain's ability to learn
  2. Help the brain function under stress
  3. Protect the brain from chemical and physical threats
  4. Increase the rate at which neurons fire
  5. Have relatively few to no side-effects and be non-toxic

A well-known nootropic is a caffeine and most anyone already knows the effect that caffeine can have on the body. S-Ranx is dedicated to providing an extremely high-quality product that is clean with none of the fillers and binders that are so prevalent in the nootropics market.

We want to encourage people to take charge of their minds along with their lives and have them begin to realize that their thoughts guide their actions.