Q: What is a nootropic?

A classified nootropic is a brain-booster: A natural or synthetic compound that assists enhance mental performance. Nootropics have a multitude of functions. They are used to transmogrify multiple brain pathways to support alertness, stress resistance, mood, memory, focus, relaxation and motivation in order to support cognitive functions.

Q: What is S-Ranx?

S-Ranx is multi-stacked nootropics that are designed to target essential pathways of peak mental performance highlighting safe increased levels of dopamine and serotonin pathways. S-Ranx is designed to support long-term and short-term cognitive functionalities.  

Q: How does S-Ranx Work?

S-Ranx simply increases your brain functionality in all aspects promoting healthy dopamine and serotonin levels. With our advanced formula which holds no filler ingredients. We take quality ingredients and combine them with a tested amount per serving. Our goal is to increase cognitive functionality throughout the day without “crashing”.